Heyla, I’m Carolyn Byers, the artist behind Green Sparrow Arts.

I spend my life out in nature: exploring, learning, teaching and creating. 

Here I am in my natural habitat: Wisconsin grassland.

Here I am in my natural habitat: Wisconsin grassland.

My life centers around wild spaces.

These spaces are important for everyone, should be available for everyone, and should be safe for everyone. I try to connect people with their natural environment in any way that I can. My art reaches out to people and serves as a reminder that nature is waiting, even if we can’t be outside as much as we’d like. My work as an environmental educator brings kids and adults out into local parks and helps them to forge a connection with the earth. As a wildlife ecologist, my research increased our knowledge about the animals that share our spaces.

I hope to leave this world a better place for the next generation. My kid loves watching birds fly by, and I want to make sure he can do that throughout his life. People protect what they care about, and we need more people to care deeply about the earth!

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Ecological Research

My last decade has been spent studying birds, their habitats, and the ways that they interact with humans. 

Environmental Education

The most important aspect of conservation is environmental education. People must care deeply about a thing before they desire to protect it. 


Another way to share my love of nature with others. 

Art Shop

Visit my shop to view prints and original pieces that are looking for a new home.


Into the Nest

Curious about grassland bird nesting behavior? Want to see cool videos of birds feeding their chicks, predators visiting nests, and chicks spreading their wings for the first time? Check out this series of blog posts I wrote for Madison Audubon!